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Abanonded Universe

A place for urban explorers, photographers, and paranormal enthusiasts to meet, share and explore together.


Our community gives you a chace to share your expriences, favcorite places, photos, and much more with friends, family and others with simillar interests. You never know what awesome things you will see.

Friendships, Fun and Memories

Tired of all of the politics, drama and craziness of social media like Facebook? Welcome to our world! Join others in an adventure that doesn't include all the things that you just cant stand on social media.

It is something special when you meet someone who have similar interests but it is more interesting when you meet someone that you have more in common than you think.

Our community offers a safe, friendly and fun environment for you to meet, chat and of course make friendships that may last long than the buildings you talk about,

In a time in which it seems more difficult than ever to physically get together we offer a safe and friendly environment in which you and others can explore the unknown and the abandoned together.

It's all free and fun!

Urban Explorers

Are you interested in Urban Exploration (irbex) or just love old buildings and places? These forgotten treasures need you to help preserve their stories. These walls talk and the stories they can tell could be the best stories of all time. Join others in discussing and sharing their stories.

Monsters, Folklore and Hauntings

Take a dive into the unknown and paranormal with others by talking about and sharing stories as well as experiences with hoers. You won't believe how spooky it can get. Whether you are a paranormal investigator or just love paranormal topics then welcome home.

What are you waiting for? Join the adventure today and start chatting, making friends and expliriung!

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